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Please download the Office of the State Attorney Employment Application and Authorization to Release Information Form. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. After downloading, you must print the application and release form and complete manually. Once completed you may mail or deliver the forms to:

Employment Guidelines
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Employment applications should be submitted by mail or fax. We do not accept employment applications at !
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Employment Guidelines
While we may not currently have open positions, we will accept your application and schedule an interview as vacancies occur. Please note the following:
1. APPLICATION. A completed State of Florida Employment application is required, with or without a resume.
2. POSITIONS. Vacant positions are offered first to current state attorney employees. If a larger pool of applicants outside of the office is considered, state attorney employees will be given special consideration.
3. INTERVIEW. After you have submitted your application for an advertised position, an interview panel will screen the applications. They will select a short list of candidates who best meet the job qualifications. If you are selected, you will be called for a specific time to meet with the interview team.
4. RETENTION. Your application will be retained for one (1) year and you may be contacted for an interview at any time during that period. Even if you are not offered a position after your first interview, your application will be retained in our active applicant’s file for one (1) year, unless you advise to the contrary.
5. PARALEGAL. Our support staff includes only 4 or 5 positions, which require a paralegal certification; however, applicants with paralegal training are encouraged to apply for other openings on the support staff. The experience gained in another position can provide an excellent background in criminal procedure and, once on the SAO staff, you will be eligible to apply for other, advanced positions, as they become available.
6. SALARY. Starting salary for Assistant State Attorney's who have completed law school and who hold membership in the Florida Bar is $40,000.00.
Starting salary for entry-level clerical or secretarial positions vary according to the duties and responsibilities applicable to each position. The Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association (FPAA) Classification and Pay Plan set the salary range for support staff. Salaries are based on tenure, skills, knowledge, training, experience, classification, and job responsibilities within the guidelines of the FPAA Classification and Pay Plan, previously mentioned.
Payroll is processed monthly. Your salary is deposited by electronic funds transfer, on the last working day of each month, into a bank or credit union account, which you designate at the time of employment. Cost-of-living salary increases are governed by the State Legislature and usually occur once during each fiscal year. Merit or promotional increases are processed as designated by the State Attorney, Chief Assistant State Attorney and Executive Director.
7. STATE EMPLOYMENT. As a full-time permanent staff member of the State Attorney, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, you are a State employee, eligible for all State employee benefits. State Attorney's Office employees are not under the jurisdiction of civil service regulations. The provisions of the Classification and Pay Plan of the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association govern personnel operations of the State Attorney’s Office. Your employment is with an elected official (State Attorney) and you work at his will. You are not a career service employee.
8. ORGANIZATION. The State Attorney's Office, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, is staffed with attorneys, investigators, and support (clerical, secretarial and administrative) staff. Total staff is approximately 315 employees.
9. ROLE OF THE STATE ATTORNEY. The State Attorney, as the representative of the people of the State of Florida, is responsible for prosecuting all persons charged with criminal offenses occurring within the designated judicial circuit. Hillsborough County comprises the 13th Judicial Circuit, which is one of 20 judicial circuits in Florida. All felony cases (e.g., robbery, burglary, homicide), all misdemeanor cases (e.g.loitering, shoplifting, assault and battery), and all criminal traffic cases(e.g., DUI, driving on a suspended license) are handled by the State Attorney's Office. In addition, the office handles check fraud and child abuse and Domestic Violence cases.
10. CONFIDENTIALITY. Open files of State Attorney's Office cases and investigations are confidential, and staff are expected to maintain strict confidentiality, never discussing cases when outside of the office or sharing case information with anyone not currently employed by the State Attorney's Office.
11. PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT. Employees are held to a high standard of professional conduct, as outlined in the Office's Policy Manual, including strict requirements relating to interaction with victims, witnesses, and the public in general.
12. SCREENING/CRIMINAL BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION/FINGERPRINTS. All prospective employees will be required to undergo criminal background investigation to include FCIC/NCIC, driving history and must be fingerprinted. In accordance with the Florida department of Law Enforcment guidelines and the FBI CJIS security policy, any reported felony conviction or any misdemeanor conviction occuring within five years of application will be immediate grounds for denial of access to CJIS and applicant will not be considered for employment.
WORK HOURS: Office hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm with 1 hour for lunch. Some employees’ work schedule varies to offer broader service coverage.
13. VACATION/PAID LEAVE. New employees of the State Attorney earn leave benefits as follows: Annual Leave is earned at the rate of 8.67 hours per month (13 days/yr.) Sick Leave is earned at the rate of 8.67 hours per month (13 days/yr.). Leave is credited to the employee on the last working day of each month and cannot be taken prior to accrual.
(Note: Annual Leave may be accrued to a maximum of 360 hours; no maximum accrual applies to Sick Leave.) Each employee, who is on payroll June 1st, is credited with 8 hours of leave called a "Personal Day." The Office is closed for statutorily mandated State holidays, usually thirteen or fourteen days per calendar year.
14. HEALTH and LIFE INSURANCE. Health, Life, and a limited Disability insurance plan are available to assistant state attorneys at no cost. Through payroll deduction, the State offers support staff employees a self-insured health insurance plan and an HMO health insurance plan. Employee cost for individual coverage is $50.00 per month; (the office pays the remainder of the approximate $498.68 total premium.) Family coverage cost is $180.00 per month; (The office covers the remainder of the approximate $1127.74 total premium.) Life insurance is available at a cost of $2-$5 per month, dependent upon employee age and salary. Disability, Cancer, Supplemental Hospitalization, Vision, and Dental insurance plans are also available through payroll deduction, as are several Deferred Compensation plans. All payroll-deducted insurance premiums and Deferred Compensation are part of a Pre-Tax Benefits program (deductions are made from the gross monthly salary before tax is computed.)
15. PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES -- SUPPORT STAFF. Highly motivated individuals on the State Attorney's Office support staff are encouraged to develop their skills, knowledge and abilities and to seek advancement in the Office. We value and recognize for promotion those individuals who have an outstanding attendance record, who are "team players," and who demonstrate a willingness to master current assignments, learn new tasks and take on new responsibilities.
16. SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS OF POSITIONS. During your interview the members of the Support, Investigative, or Professional Staff interview team will discuss the specific requirements of current open positions in detail.
Thank you for making application for employment with the State Attorney's Office, 13th Judicial Circuit of Florida. We are always seeking eager, motivated individuals to join our staff.
The State Attorney, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA).